We employ the Whole Child Approach as a Mentoring Program

Clear Creek's Ty Judge Cementing a Lasting Legacy at QB after after a season of club 7v7: http://chsaanow.com/2017-10-25/clear-creeks-ty-judge-cementing-lasting-legacy-quarterback/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter 

"Words can't even begin to express the gratitude and appreciation we have for the A&B family. From academics to athletics, they genuinely care about the whole child as they prepare them for greatness in the classroom and on the field, court, ring, or mat. They employ the skills and values necessary for everyday living and build upon the character of each student athlete. From the moment he walked on the field, Maurice was embraced like family. His confidence in himself grew for the craft he loves to play. We've watched him mature in his study habits and grow in his service to the community. A&B was a blessing to our family." Thomas & Kellie Wyatt (parents of Moe Wyatt class of 2017)

"Athletics and Beyond has helped me gain more football understanding and has given me the academic tools I’ve needed to get into college. This program is amazing for athletes that want to truly say I’m a student first. When our coaches would limit our game time because of grades, lack of practice and bad attitudes, we figured out another work ethic that wasn’t in use. Everyday we would make sure that we checked our grades and set goals around them. This tool reinforced by this program helped me become more responsible and aware of my schoolwork and grades. Academics were the main thing preached by our coaches and mentors. After being with this program for several months my 3.1 GPA raised to a 3.5.

Next, Athletics and Beyond was fantastic with helping student athletes by giving them tools to help them excel in their sports. My performance increased in the months that I trained with this team. I became faster, stronger and a smarter player. To be able to play for this prestigious program you needed to be great athletically, but equally very smart. The college style coaching forced us to be smarter and understand harder things on the fly. With this great coaching in place, I could see it has allowed me to go to Florida and excel on the field. The kids we played during the IMG 7 on 7 tournament are elite and the coaching that we received was a key factor in our last second wins.

Lastly, I would like to thank this program for making me a person that is more independent and strong. The trips has helped us become more independent and better prepared us for adulthood. Also, football can’t be something that defines who you are. Grades will come first and then if you make it with football you always have something to lean back on. Clearly, this program Athletics and Beyond, is astonishing and I recommend this to any other kid in Colorado." - Cameron Murray, class of 2018 Overland H.S.

"The Florida trip I took with Athletics and Beyond was one of the best trips I have been on. I had many experiences that I will not forget. Though this was my second year going, this experience revealed more to me than last year. I competed at a college camp, toured colleges, and I also played in the biggest 7v7 tournament in the world. Not many people could say they did that in one week!

This trip exposed me to a lot of things outside of Colorado. The football players and the way they act is much different than the way football players in Colorado act. They have a different swagger in their step and compete with a sense of “this is all I have and I'm going to go get it no matter what." The University of Florida camp I went to was much different than the other in state camps I've been to. The tempo was much quicker and much more detailed. I had to move quickly while staying efficient with everything I did. It was complicated, but I enhanced my ability to work quickly while keeping everything I do efficient and detailed. The college tours helped by showing me more types of colleges and show me what I like and dislike about colleges and give me a sense of knowing what I actually want from a college.

I learned that I belong amongst the best of the best in the country. I showed out at the college camps and at the tournament. The experience also showed me what I dislike and like about colleges and showed me what the colleges want in you as well. I am very glad I went and I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend this trip next year. It's eye opening, but also fun at the same time. Thank you to Athletics and Beyond and Narcy Jackson for everything he has done for me and showing me so many experiences that I have taken in to make me a better person and also a better football player." - Ammon Johnson, class of 2016 Cherry Creek H.S.  |  Click here to read the Parent Testimonial


"Athletics and Beyond has been a true blessing to me. I have done things I didn't think I would ever be able to do. I have been a member with A& B since January 2015, since joining I have been out of state 3 times. I have toured 3 colleges and participated in different 7 on 7 tournaments. I have been exposed to many different teams from all over, not just Colorado! Which has helped me develop as a football player. I attended ACT prep every Sat. at the Montbello Recreation Center. I believe this has prepared me to take the ACT's this coming year. I can't wait for the next session to begin.

The mentoring from the coaches are amazing. They all push you to be the best you can be on the field. They are always available and really care about each of the players as an individual. The coaches wants every one of us to succeed and make it into college. These coaches put in so much time and effort for us. They are truly dedicated.

A&B have many opportunities for us to give back to the community. Throughout the season there are many events that we can volunteer for. This is cool because it is teaching us how to give back and it is teaching us how to be better young men. For me, volunteering has shown me the importance of helping others and it’s not always about myself.

In closing, Athletics & beyond is an amazing program. This program is helped me to evolve as a football player. It has given me the exposure to many different avenues outside of high school. I can't express how thankful I am for this program." - Brenden Holt, class of 2017 Cherokee Trails H.S.


"Athletics and Beyond has given me opportunities that I would have never imagined. One of their supports were ACT prep. It was free and Club Z was an organization that really helped some of my teammates on that test. Athletics and Beyond has taught me that you have to work for what you want. We're expected to volunteer and give back to the community. I never would have done it if I wasn't with this group. Now I love volunteering. As Football players, we get the best coaching I've ever had. We have people who have played at the collegiate level. That's where we all want to get to. If we give to the community, Athletics and Beyond gives back. If we volunteer then we have 3 camps we can go to and they pay for it. I love this Program. Thank you for everything." - Taylor Marshall, class of 2016 Overland H.S.


"The Athletics and Beyond program has presented me with great opportunities such as being apart of their prestigious 7on7 team which has won the Mile High Shootout two years in a row. The program also offers ACT prep and tutoring, but unfortunately I was unable to participate at the time because I wasn’t aware of the program.The benefits that I have had in my short time with the program have been tremendous, for example they have improved my skills on the field as well as guidance off the field. This program has enabled me to go to a couple of college football camps were I can make a name for myself and also the program has allowed me to play against some of the counties best talent in the upcoming IMG 7on7 tournament. Not only will I be participating in that I will get to visit a couple of colleges in Florida which will give me a taste of what the college life is about. Another great resource that the Athletics and Beyond is the ACT prep program which I've seen improve kids scores. The FASFA workshop is a great way to see how financial aid will help assist you, it also helps with college planning so you will know all that's needed to get into your school of choice. I am extremely grateful for coach Narcy and everyone who is associated with the Athletics and Beyond staff. This program has done a lot of things for me but the most important thing it has done, is provide me a new family."  - Anthony Barron, class of 2016 Cherry Creek H.S.  |   Click here to read the Parent Testimonial


"Florida was a great experience. The atmosphere at the IMG campus very different from what I am used to in Colorado. While at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida, they discussed that the star rankings from recruiting sites don't mean as much as the way you play the game of football. It is important to play your best because what shows on film is the most important when you are being recruited.

The main thing this trip showed me was that there were better athletic talent from what I faced in Colorado. While I was here I learned some new wide receiver techniques. Another useful thing that I learned while at the University of Florida was the importance for a good GPA. If I don’t have the grades, then the schools will not recruit me.

Overall, I am grateful for the trip to Florida provided by Athletics & Beyond. Because of them I come back to Colorado a smarter player and a better prepared student-athlete." - Trey Jones, class of 2017 Cherry Cree H.S.


"The trip to Florida has done a lot of great things for me and my teammates. For myself, Florida has helped me open my eyes and realize a lot. The talent is no joke. The speed of the game is different, and the talent levels are very different. I heard from a lot of kids that went last year that it's a much different game, but when you actually come down here you see the big difference. It was great experience, I want to thank my coaches for the opportunity and for making me a better student athlete. The trips to UF and USF was a big advantage for us, not many kids get the opportunity to meet coaches one on one and get a tour. UF and USF coaches really emphasized the importance of being a student first, the GPA's and ACT. They told us how stuff separates ourselves from other athletes. It was a great experience down here in Florida. I already feel like I've improved a lot, and become a better student of the game. I'd like to say thank you to all my teammates and coaches." - Dom Chapa, class of 2016 Grandview H.S.


"This trip was a great opportunity to get better as a player and experience the competition outside of Colorado. Not only did I learn that it's another level in Florida, but the type of physicality and toughness you need to play at the next level. Most of the kids in Florida had several offers if they haven't already committed to a school. That alone shows even though it's a step up from Colorado's play, we can come out here and competed. Although we did not accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves coming into the tournament, we have a lot to be proud of. We came and represented our city to the fullest and held nothing back." - Dasan Hoover, class of 2016 Overland H.S.


"I've learned a lot of stuff on this trip Florida. Mostly, from the coaches. They taught me the importance of being responsible and taking care of business. They definitely taught me a lot about football. I can't wait to go back to school, so I can work with my team and show them what I've learned. I also feel like this trip has allowed us to become more of a family. I feel like they're more like my brothers. All my coaches are like my second dad. I wish a lot of kids could experience what I did. I want to personally thank Athletics and Beyond for everything." - Javier Craft, class of 2016 Cherry Creek H.S.


"I've learned a lot of new things on this trip to Florida. I've learned how to travel with the team and how to overcome adversity on the field. Also, how to adjust to the speed at different levels in different states. I enjoyed our college tours, especially the tour of University of Florida, now I have a new passion for that school. During the camp that I attended at the University of Florida. I was exposed to a whole new level of intensity from the coaching staff, which I loved. The camp was hard and gruesome due to the intense humidity and heat. I'll never forget this trip, but importantly I learned a lot about my uncle on the trip. I met a family friend that knew my dad. So, in my opinion this was a very productive trip for me and I loved it." - Byce Jackson, class of 2018 Chandler H.S. (AZ)


"I had the opportunity to be a part of Athletics & Beyond as a keynote speaker and group volunteer. It is an amazing program that covers numerous topics that are critical to student’s growth as athletes but more importantly as human beings. The care and support that A&B provides to these wonderful kids is truly an awesome thing. A&B is making a positive impact in many kids’ lives and I'm happy to have been a part of such a wonderful program." - Ethan Fisher, Speaker for Life CONsequences

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