We employ the Whole Child Approach as a Mentoring Program


Athletics & Beyond host two life skills workshop each year. The Girls' Empowerment Workshop in May and the boys' "Life Beyond Sports" in late November. Both forums are all-day programs for young adults, grades 1 - 12, to learn essential life skills and to be exposed to positive role models and healthy options for future goals. The workshop provides a safe place for boys to get together and build a camaraderie with others which encourages teamwork and confidence.

Notable Guest Speakers:

Dr. Terri Richardson
Former DPS Board of Education President Theresa Pena
First Lady Mary Louise Lee
Mayor Michael B. Hancock
House Representative Angela Williams
Retired Denver Fire Chief Roderick Juniel
Former Colorado State Academic Advisor Greg Pollard
Denver Police Chief Robert White
Denver Sherrifs Department Director Gary Wilson
Wrap-N-Mat and Representative Angela Williams